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Walker Run Outdoor Events and Excursions Limited Co. specialize in curated outdoor experiences, perfect for those who have a passion for nature and can enjoy a great adventure.

We are encouraging people to invest in their personal, spiritual, and mental

well-being by reconnecting with nature through camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


My love for outdoors began when I was trying to find things that made me happy. I was tired of the usual clubs and parties and wanted something different for myself. I then started hiking up Kennesaw and Stone Mountain. I found so much tranquility in hiking. After months of hiking those two I decided that I was going to commit myself to hiking a different trail every weekend that I was available. I then created a schedule and held myself to that challenge. For years I have thrown outdoor events such as campouts, parties on the river, cabin trips, and hiking excursions for my close friends and family and they are always so pleased. I created Walker Run Outdoor Events and Excursions Limited Co. to give others the same adventure that I’ve experienced, plus more.

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